Not only sea on the Riviera: discover theHinterland and proceed to discover villages and castles that enclose stories and secrets.

Beautiful landscapes and many stories in order to know thoroughly the art, culture and history of our region.


Just a few kilometres from the hotel, you find the historical center of Rimini. Known as a place of the sea, it is also a place for art, culture and history. From Augustus, along the whole course, it passes through the country's most famous squares: piazza Tre Martiri, named in memory of three young partisans also hosts Roman excavations, the statue of Julius Caesar and the clock tower, and piazza Cavour where the Municipal Theater, the Arch of Augustus and the old fish market. A short distance is piazza Malatesta, where once the Castle surrounded by a moat. Interesting spots of great beauty are also the ancient bridge of Tiberius, the Domus del Chirurgo and Castel Sismondo.

San Leo

Il borgo di San Leo stands on a rock overlooking the entire Valley of Marecchia: the highest point is the Fort from which you can admire a wonderful landscape, down to the sea. His past sees important guests such as Dante and St. Francis but also roles: it was capital of the Kingdom of Italy

San Marino

Independent State, is located on Mount Titano to 750 meters high. Is the ideal place to spend a day divided between shopping and art. Famous for its outlets and malls, San Marino is also a city of art with so many places of interest and culture to visit as the three towers, the Town Hall and several museums and churches.


Is one of the most important places of the Italian Renaissance and highly renowned artistically. The Ducal Palace, the Cathedral, villas, palaces and churches are just some of the things to see: from 1998 Urbino is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Raffaello Sanzio, Urbino is the great Italian painter tied one of the most famous: the artist was born and spent his youth.


From a height of 436 meters above sea level, Montebello dominates the Marecchia Valley and offers a journey through art, history and nature. This village is famous for the castle which contains the legend of Azzurrina: the ghost of this little girl would dwell on this site and in it you could hear his voice.